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No Higher Calling than the Practice of Family Law by Frank W. Rogers III At a meeting in February, 2011, the Family Law Section's Board of Governors was given the opportunity to support this issue of Virginia Lawyer. The response was immediate, enthusiastic and unanimous—Yes! And, when the call came for volunteers to submit articles, hands shot up around the room. This issue includes articles by Lynne Marie Kohm, Chuck Powers, and immediate past chair Mitch Broudy, all present board members. Pete Buchbauer "retired" from the board after com- pleting his term, which included a year as board chair. I asked Ron Tweel to submit his article as a result of a post he made to the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association family law listserve. Ron also served as a member of the section's board, including a year as chair. They are scholars and leaders all. I have been privileged to be a member of the Family Law Section's Board of Governors for six years. I can represent without hesitation that this board is as energetic and collegial as any upon which I have served. Members are uniformly ded- icated to improving the practice of family law in the state and to providing meaningful benefits for section members. I would be remiss if I did not recognize and formally thank the current board, in addition to those mentioned above: Cassandra Mann-Haye Chin (vice-chair), Carl J. Witmeyer II (secretary), Leisa Kube Ciaffone, David R. Clarke, Richard E. Garriott Jr., Nan M. Joseph, William C. Scott IV, Laura A. Thornton, the Honorable Rossie D. Alston Jr., the Honorable Frederick G. Rockwell III, the Honorable Ramona D. Taylor, and Richard E. Crouch (newsletter editor). The board is ably assisted in its work by Dolly Shaffner, the Virginia State Bar staff liaison. The Family Law Section has 1,964 members, ranking it third-largest among the bar's sections. The board publishes a newsletter for its members four times annually, and it provides approxi- mately fifteen hours of CLE opportunity annually for section members, including a four-location Family Law Seminar Series each October, an Advanced Family Law Seminar each April, and 1 1/2 hours of credits at the VSB annual meeting in June. Helping keep section members current with changes in legislation and up-to-date on recent cases is a critical aspect of each CLE oppor- tunity. The board also manages an informative and regularly updated website for section mem- bers and the general public. I am extremely proud of the board I chair, of its work on behalf of the Family Law Section, and of the members of the section who provide legal services to Virginia families in need. If there is a calling in the law higher than the practice of fam- ily law, I am not aware of it. The articles included in this issue will be of most interest to family law practitioners, and perhaps judges, but I hope all lawyers will take away something of value from each. On behalf of the Family Law Section and its board, I would like to thank the publications department of the Virginia State Bar for allowing our section to showcase the area of family law in this issue. FAMILY LAW SECTION | Vol. 60 | February 2012 | VIRGINIA LAWYER 33

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