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Law Libraries Immigration Law Resources by Benjamin T. Almoite Immigration law has become an impor- tant topic in Virginia in recent years. For the attorney who does not specialize in immigration law, various resources can help in dealing with this topic. Many of the resources referenced in this column can be found at local academic law or public law libraries. Locate the one clos- est to you at: http://www.courts.state public_lib.html. Virginia CLE Virginia CLE (Continuing Legal Education) ( offers several publications that cover immigration law. The Virginia Immigration Law Handbook by Thomas J. Fadoul Jr. and Florian Hauswiesner (3d ed. 2008) covers gen- eral principles for topics including: non- immigrant (temporary) visas; obtaining permanent residence status; citizenship and naturalization; deportation, exclu- sion, and removal; employer sanctions; and unfair employment practices. It includes a useful appendix to federal and state agency contacts. The following titles are issued as down- loadable formats: Immigration Law for the Main Street Lawyer I, II, & III (2010) is a series of audio replays of three live telephone seminars that were held in April 2010. Part One provides an introduction to the practitioner to the basics of immigration status. It identifies "red flag" issues for practitioners to recognize, such as dri- ving, working and living environment. The program also emphasizes ethical conduct in advising foreign nationals about immigration consequences. Part Two covers immigration employer com- pliance, and includes actual and con- structive knowledge, enforcement risk management, and best practices to keep 60 VIRGINIA LAWYER | February 2012 | Vol. 60 your employers safe from criminal and civil liability. Part Three is geared towards the criminal lawyer. It is a primer that identifies the most common areas of immigration risk, and discusses the most current developments in immi- gration consequences of criminal activ- ity. In addition, this seminar provides what lawyers need to know about immi- gration detainers, in light of both Virginia and federal law. Immigration Issues for Business Lawyers – Even Businesses that Employ No Foreign Nationals Must Comply (2010) is an online video replay of a live seminar session from the 28th Annual Business Law Seminar: Back to Basics— Mastering the Fundamentals in Four Important Areas, held in September 2010. The topics covered in this basic program include: recent developments in enforcement affecting businesses; effective I-9 compliance programs; and the rise of E-Verify, an Internet-based system to check employees' identities and work authorization. Immigration Worksite Enforcement— Employers Beware: The Iceman Cometh (2009) is an online video replay of a live webcast from August 2009. The program covers what the government expects of employers, and how it helps employers comply with the law, including E-Verify, the Social Security Number Verification Service, and best practices for all employers. In addition, the seminar covers how companies can set up immi- gration compliance programs (I-9 employment verification), and how companies should respond to ICE inspection or investigation, or a Department of Justice discrimination investigation. Other Virginia CLE topic course hand- books covering employment, construc- Resources continued on page 62 See "The Intersection of Family Law and Immigration: Virginia and the Big Picture" by Lynne Marie Kohm on page 34. tion and criminal law cover immigration issues as well. Treatises The American Immigration Lawyers Association publishes excellent resources available at, including: Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook, currently in its 12th edition, is the bible of immigration law. Reviewers consis- tently rate it among their top choices for initiating immigration research. Essentials of Immigration Law, by Richard A. Boswell (2009) offers a prac- tical overview of the entire area of U.S. immigration law. Forms & Fundamentals (2011–12) pro- vides practice pointers and annotated checklists for completing some of the most commonly used forms. Other important titles include: Immigration Procedures Handbook (West, 2011, updated annually) is a detailed sourcebook that contains explanations of how, where, and why to present specific types of petitions and applications under today's immigration laws. This book also includes analysis of current law to assist in determining the most effective method of proceeding with a case. In addition, this treatise covers recent changes that affect immigration practice and procedure.

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